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The Origins of Modern Paddle Boarding

In one way or another stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has been around for thousands of years, with Ancient cultures in Africa and South America using boards and other water vessels which they propelled using a long stick. They used these boards and vessels to fish, travel on rivers and coastline and even in war.

In the 1940s the modern SUP surfing was born in Hawaii. Surf instructors Duke Kahanamoku, Bobby AhChoy and Leroy AhChoy would view their students by standing up and paddling. By standing up they would have a better view of the incoming swell.

In the 1990s Hawaiian surf schools would teach SUP surfing as an alternative way to surf when there was little swell.

In 2004 Rick Thomas brought a stand up paddle board back from Hawaii to California which caught on very quickly. Beginner and experts taking to the new form of surfing. Over the next few years, the industry realised that the element of surfing could be taken out of the sport, and people could use the boards for recreational and racing purposes and very recently, SUP Yoga. Stand up paddle boarding grew rapidly and is now very popular in USA, Australia and Europe. The modern form of stand up paddle boarding is a great workout for people wanting to enjoy time on the water.

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