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Kids Belly Boards

Kids Belly Boards

We have collaborated with Dick Pearce & Friends to make beautiful sustainable wooden belly boards.

The Surfrider style of board is our everyday Bellyboard, suitable for all riders!

Made from 9mm birch ply, then painted in either blue or pink.

All bellyboards follow templates and designs that have been passed down through the generations. Each bellyboard is unique - individually handcrafted in Cornwall to provide for a lifetime of wave riding.

Bellyboards have no floatation, they act as a planing surface on top of water.

They are different to a body boards which is designed to float you - bellyboarding sits between riding a foam body board and body surfing. Its the best feeling!

Children must be strong swimmers - 6-12years of age.


Birch Plywood is a very sustainable product - birch trees absorb and uptake more CO2 from the atmosphere in their growth than is emitted during the plywood production process.

Please note that due to the natural variation in wood, all our boards are different and have individual characteristics. Open knots in the wood have been repaired with wooden plugs, and nose curves will vary.

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